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Our services

Setting up a company

Setting up a company

The foundation of a company includes all the necessary procedures for the establishment as well as the recording of an established company into the Estonian Commercial Register and the registration of all the necessary documents.

Opening a bank account

Consultations on opening the account and support when opening a bank account.

Legal services

Full legal support of companies and individuals related to its activities in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

Accounting and taxes

Accounting and tax services to companies in Estonia and abroad.

Residence permits and work visas

Help to foreigners regarding the solution of the immigration issues: reception of visas, registration of residence permit and citizenship.

Other services

Solution of other issues: application for licenses, getting state grants, search for local partners for doing business, help with placement of investments in Estonia and Latvia.

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Estonia is a country in the Baltic region of Northern Europe bordered to the north by the Gulf of Finland. Estonia’s economy benefits from a transparent government and policies that sustain a high level of economic freedom, ranking 6th globally and 2nd in Europe.

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