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Novira Corporate Services was established in 2012 with the aim of providing corporate services for foreign business people in Estonia.

Novira Corporate Services provides the following services:

– Immigration services (preparation of application for and arrangement of receipt of residence permits and visas). Consultations and arrangement for investments.

– Searching for investment objects for the client and arrangement of acquisitions/entry transactions for the client.

– Business consultations in Estonia.

– Structuring of business according to the client’s needs: anonymity, tax optimisation, diversification of risks and protection of actives.

– Arrangement of bank and mezzanine financing in Estonia.

– Consultations for and arrangement of relocation of businesses to Estonia.

– Legal and accounting services.

Novira Corporate Services has facilitated
starting such projects as:

Novira Capital ( is an international capital based company established in 2013, which is involved in financing and development of large-scale real estate projects. The company’s portfolio includes development projects in attractive areas of Tallinn City Centre.

Novira Capital finances the development projects of office and commercial properties as well as apartment buildings and hotels with the aim of optimising the capital structure of the projects. Novira Capital offers a flexible mezzanine loan, which is adjusted to each individual real estate project, depending on its risk level, volume and schedule. Additionally, Novira Capital provides consultation services for companies involved in real estate development in designing and improving sales products, and helps realising sales plans.

BestCredit ( is a financing company established in 2012, which holds an activity licence from the Estonian Financial Supervision Authority.

Novira Corporate Services has helped its clients in:

– Establishing and starting their business in Estonia.

– Investing into projects in Estonia and earn profits in a safe manner.

– Solving immigration issues related to obtaining visas and residence permits.

– Solving tax issues related to their business activities.

– Including bank or mezzanine financing into business projects.

– Solving other questions related to foreign persons living and doing business in Estonia.

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